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To empower, educate and support families through providing a sleep coaching service which is bespoke, evidence-based, responsive and truly gentle; founded on the principles of biologically normal stages of infant and child development.


Hi, I’m Angela

As a certified Holistic Sleep Coach. I’m here to help you understand your little one’s sleep from a biologically normal perspective. I promote parental empowerment in understanding sleep in a child-led way, which is both gentle, responsive and in line with whatever age and developmental stage your child is at.

I believe in…

Being Responsive

You can follow your child’s lead, be responsive to their needs and achieve better sleep for all. Being a responsive parent reaps benefits for the whole family

An Evidence-based Approach

Current evidence and scientific research studies are the foundation of the support and information I provide and share with the families I help.

Practical Offerings and Solutions

All families are unique, and all children are unique. There is no magic wand to ‘fix’ sleep. I offer bespoke solutions for your family which are practical and sustainable.

Focusing on Connection

You cannot spoil a child by giving them too much of this! I offer strategies and support which will help you develop and maintain a strong connection with your little one.

Empowering Parents

My support offers current knowledge and information you need to help your child and family achieve better sleep through a greater understanding of biologically normal sleep development.

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Get in touch for your free 20-minute discovery call to learn more about how I can support your family.
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What is holistic sleep coaching?

All families will struggle with their child’s sleep at some stage, sleep is fundamental to our well-being and how sleep progresses throughout infancy and childhood is non-linear. All stages of child development present their own challenges which we try to navigate as best as we can. However, if your current situation is becoming unsustainable and causing stress and anxiety and you feel you need additional support, then I can help.

my approach is...

I am passionate about helping families and believe that all families can achieve better sleep. I am an advocate for gentle and responsive parenting, with principles based on the fundamentals of attachment, connection and following the biological norm. I do not advocate cry-it-out or any other term for extinction approaches, which claim to be gentle but are not. I provide coaching and support to work alongside families, I do not offer sleep training as our babies and children are individuals to be nurtured and supported in their development. Sleep can be optimised; it does not need to be taught.