Nurture Sleep follows an holistic approach to sleep, but what does this actually mean?

This is actually a very family-centred approach, it encompasses looking at more than just sleep as a problem to be fixed.

Sleep is as fundamental to us just as much as eating and breathing is. Without sleep we cannot function, and we cannot function without sleep! However, there are many reasons why sleep may not be happening as well as you would like for your child.


Sleep can be impacted by so many things; physiological and environmental (amongst others) all play their parts. This is why there is no magic ‘fix all’ solution which works for every family, it would be too easy! Your family is just as unique as the next one.


We will sit down together and look at your whole sleep situation as a family to look at how sleep can be optimised, and I will provide you with information and a support plan that is very much evidence-based, responsive and appropriate for the age and developmental stage of your child.

I believe that as parents we have a duty to treat our children with the utmost of respect at all times, leaving infants and children to cry does not align with my ethos and approach and I will never suggest anything that is non-responsive. Parents need guidance, support, respect and care in order to feel empowered to make decisions about their little ones.


My approach is not for those parents seeking instant solutions. It is unrealistic to expect an infant or a child to be able to cope with changes over a few nights without any crying. My approach takes time and patience but ensures that children are respected and nurtured throughout the sleep journey in a loving and supported way. For parents, you will be guided so that you and your child’s sleep is optimised through setting realistic sleep goals, lowering stress and gaining confidence to follow your instincts.

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